Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Feeling Ugly!

Why can’t I look like this???
Yesterday I had the horrible task of getting my picture taken for my British Passport.
I hate passport photos – they always make me look like a criminal!
I prepped all day and tried so hard to look semi-human and failed drastically.
I even Googled “How to look good for your Passport Photo” with results like:
 ©Get enough sleep ©Think happy thoughts ©Don't match your eye shadow to the colour of your top, It may make your face look "flat" ©And of course, Tyra’s smile with your eyes !!
Needless to say none of these worked!!
I know I’m not beautiful but I would like to look half decent on the only photo ID I have!
If only... Xxxx



  1. I think it's really difficult to master the art of photographing well. I suffer from the same anxieties about having my picture taken. But you shouldn't let any of that make you feel ugly. You are NOT ugly, and you definitely don't deserve to treat yourself with anything but extreme self love. I know there is so much more to you than a silly old passport photo, and I believe every woman has a beauty to her. I think that a girl takes her most beautiful pictures when she feels her most confident. For me, that is when I curl my hair and wear pink lipstick. Next time you have to pose for a picture, try doing that one thing that makes you feel fantastic about yourself.

  2. Oh my, you are so so sweet!! This is exactly the reason why I LOVE your blog!!
    Thanks for the advice and support, I really appreciate it.
    And please keep your lovely blog posts coming, I adore them - they absolutely inspire me - and keep me sane really!!

  3. I went throught the same process.
    I was so happy to finally replace my old photo but it ended up looking just as bad.
    The place I went to get it done, took about 30 photos because they couldn't get one without me having my eyes closed. So then I had to go to another place. Not much better... my eyes are half closed in the photo. :(


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