Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dreams can come true!

Last year I turned 21 and to celebrate my beautiful parents bought me a ticket to the States. It was always my dream to see New York and I couldn’t believe that this was my Birthday present!
So for three months, my younger brother and I went backpacking across the US. My brother and I are only a year apart and we are pretty close – there was no one else I’d rather share that adventure with!
I really love travelling - it's all I want to do - And I've finally managed to assemble all my photos together and have narrowed down a few for you!
Please no stealing!
We started in California – we were pretty lucky to have my Aunt’s Apartment to stay in.
She lives in Hollywood so that was a real kick!!
We mainly did the real touristy things one can do in LA – Universal Studios, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Walk of Fame etc. My Aunt also got us tickets to Harry Connick Jr. at the Hollywood Bowl and we even got to meet him backstage – He was a doll!
I’m a big fan of theme parks so Universal Studios was really cool! The big hit was the Studio Tour where we got to drive around Wisteria Lane!
Because we did mostly tourist things everywhere we went was full of crowds as you’d expect – but it was all worth it!
Next we took a road trip down to Anaheim – the home of Disneyland!!
Disneyland is easily my favourite place on Earth! And it was utter euphoria.
We’ve already been to Disneyland Paris so we knew what to expect, but Disneyland California was by far the experience of a lifetime!
I’m not a big fan of scary rides but my brother forced me to try the Hollywood Tower – God was that terrifying, I’m such a girl!
Sleeping Beauty’s castle was divine and Minnie Mouse was super cute!
It really is the happiest place on earth!!

Anaheim is also super cute – and SUPER CLEAN! I couldn’t get over it!
Shopping there is really really adorable – and I’m talking shopping away from Walt Disney and the like.
Proper shopping!! They have a really cute outdoor shopping mall that I loved, and more sweet shops than I’ve ever seen!!!
After Disneyland we continued our road trip down to San Diego!
I love San Diego! It is so beautiful and beachy and calm.
We started at San Diego Zoo – I love animals and have never been to a zoo that big before! We definitely got lost a few times but we had a ball!
Then we went to Sea World and toured all over Mission Bay and Balboa Park, visiting Museums and catching some waves!
My favourite SD experience would have to be Legoland! It was really a jaw breaker, I still can’t get over how much time and effort people spend on building proper Lego statues!! I’m also a big Harry Potter nerd so I couldn’t resist having a bit of a cuddle!
The only trouble and disappointment about SD was the public transport – there isn’t much!
Catching buses and the subway in LA and NY was a breeze but in SD we had real trouble and in the end decided to hire a driver, who was seriously kooky!!
If you’re planning on going to SD definitely work out how you’re going to get around beforehand!
From San Diego we headed onto Vegas!
Las Vegas is by far the trippiest place I’ve ever been! All the bright lights and colours were just mystifying.
I grew up in Australia so the heat was nothing new.
We aren’t big gamblers so we mostly walked the strip over, exploring and having crazy adventures.
You have to try the Eiffel Tower ride, just before the Bellagio Fountains are set to start – it really is beautiful!
Lets not forget the Bellagio Botanical Gardens (yes, it’s adorned with a bunch of tourists but it’s worth it!) and the Gondola Rides at the Venetian.
Not to mention the Lion Habitat at the MGM grand, The Rollercoaster at New York New York and the amazing ice bar at the Monte Carlo.
Also as there are so many shows going on you would be crazy to miss one! There is something for everyone.
We caught Elvis Cirque Du Soleil and my personal favourite The Beatles LOVE tour!!
And my God, the shopping was pure bliss!
Don’t forget to drink lots of water and make sure you carry a few bottles while walking around!!
And finally we made it to New York!
I remember as our plane was preparing to land, it was dusk and it was beautiful.
I got Goosebumps and almost had a cry I was so excited!
New York truly is amazing – it’s so hard to put into words. It was love at first sight!
Apart from the normal touristy things you MUST do while in NY – Times Square & Broadway, Lady Liberty, Empire State Building etc. -
There are some great little haunts to stuff your faces in the backstreets, and gorgeous boutiques and cafes and Brooklyn Pizza was to die for!
Shopping was heaven and I fell in love with Greenwich Village and Brooklyn and I also had a croissant outside Tiffany’s on Fifth Ave just for the hell of it!
We also got tickets for the US Open - We had the most amazing seats!!
But it was pretty funny, we were there during the heatwave and we really weren’t dressed for such heat – heavy clothes, skin exposed – I had on this really cute but super tight playsuit that had boning in the front and I started to hyperventilate! We had to buy some clothes from the Ralph Lauren shop just to protect ourselves from the sun! We had the best time!!
New York is beyond spectacular and I can’t believe my dream came true!!
And I got to share it with my favourite person on the planet!


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