Thursday, 20 October 2011

Burst of Bliss: Yellow Mellow

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 Today I'm in a Yellow kind of mood!
It has been so calm and peaceful and I've felt so chill and mellow!
Summer is kicking in early and the sun is beaming brightly and today has been ever so gorgeous!
The nights are getting longer and warmer and there is definitely a little magic and positive energy in the atmosphere! I have officially pulled out my short shorts and summer dresses - I can't wait for it to heat up!
I'm in a very happy and blissful mood and the weather is only the beginning.
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© This quirky Yellow wallpaper is to die for - and I'm loving her headband!
©Corn on the Cobb with cheesy butter followed by some tangy Popsicles - Perfect summer munchables!!!
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 ©Loving this Satchel - Totally going on my Christmas Wishlist!!!! That gorgeous yellow will make anything just POP!
©And these gorgeous wedges and super cute vintage bathing suit with some bright polish to make your nails super luscious!
©And if that wasn't enough - this Vintage dress is really making my heart smile!
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Hope you're feeling as Yellow as I am today Darlings!!! 

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  1. Thank you for checking out by blog chick, i love love love yours and i'm following now. I'm scared of yellow because I've got blonde hair but it is an instant mood-booster. I want this swimsuit NOW. x


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