Monday, 24 October 2011

Marvellous Monday!

To follow a Marvellous Weekend, HAPPY MARVELLOUS MONDAY!
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Just because it's Monday doesn't mean it has to be a bad day.
 Do what I do and bottle some of that weekend Magic and spread it all across the next wonderful week!
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This past weekend was a BEAUTY!
The weather was sublime and the company was even better!
Yesterday I caught up with my crazy Family to celebrate my Grans 78th Birthday!
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We had a beautiful Picnic at the park - sipping on Champagne and Strawberries followed by a delicious Roast Lunch, my favourite - It was probably the biggest feast I've ever had and I probably shouldn't eat again for the next week but unfortunately I have just spied some leftover cupcakes!! 
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I also caught up with my Bestie (More to come on her soon!) - we went out for dinner to a charming little place in town and stuffed our faces as usual! It's so hard for us to get together as both of us are always busy with work and family and other ridiculous stuff so it was really great to finally get together and catch each other up on all the gruesome details of our everyday lives! 
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I'm really looking forward to this week!!
I have lots of little dates scheduled and am also in the middle of planning my Christmas Holidays so I'm super happy the week has arrived! 
Take every opportunity to be blissful and thankful for every one of your blessings!
Have a beautiful week Darlings!

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  1. sounds like your weekend was the best!!! Cute blog btw



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