Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spot of Window Shopping…

I’m not a very big lover of shopping but when I see something I like it has to be mine (with the right price tag obviously)!
I am in the middle of saving for a big Christmas Holiday so I think a bit of Window Shopping is the only option for me right now.
Yes, I know it’s not as fun as you’d think – it’s quite depressing really – but this is the kind of shopping and money that would only ever occur in my dreams…
Recently I came across, and fell in love with, this super cute Celine Luggage Tote.
 (Check out Purse Blog for more info).
My love for this bag defies both logic and budget - It ranges from around $1800 - $2500 ahhhh!!!!!
It is classic and modern and also comes in a range of gorgeous colour combinations.
I really just WANT to lock it up in my closet!!!
Would love to hear what over the top products are on your wish list Darlings – hopefully we can do a spot of Window Shopping one day soon!

Pictures from Pinterest & Purse Blog

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