Thursday, 6 October 2011

This Months Addictive Goodness…

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Lately I have been crushing and craving all types of joyous and wondrous things and have decided to make a monthly post about what is currently catching my eye and making my life so blissful!
I go through a lot of fads and phases and get hooked on particular shows, people and other such life happenings and randomness and they seem to stick around for a while until I fall in love with something else! I adore new inspiration and exploring bright new things - So welcome to the first of many “My Current Addiction” posts and here are some of the things that are making my heart smile this month – Enjoy!!
If you don’t already know, I’m a big Chelsea FC Fan – born and bred! And when the gorgeous but ever so young Andre Villas-Boas joined the team as the new manager I wasn’t quite so keen on him and his youngster ways - but after some time and a lot of viewing hours I have officially and irrevocably  fallen in love! He would by far be my biggest addiction this month! Not to mention, a man in a suit is always sexy!!! LOVE xx
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I’m also swooning over Jim Parsons and The Big Bang Theory!!
I was never really keen on the show to start with but now all of a sudden I can’t turn it off and it has now become somewhat of a religious occurrence in my household. Am I the only one with a major crush on him!?!?! I love Sheldon to bits - he can always make my heart smile!
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I’m super addicted to Sundaes at the moment – every night after dinner I have a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream and a heap load of chocolate sauce and sometimes a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands or some nuts – I know its so bad for me but I’ve never been one for “everything in moderation” and I'm all for food indugence at any cost - Hopefully this one addiction doesn’t last too long, and doesn’t add on too many kilos!
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Also loving coloured tights and trousers...
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And completely in love with Maria Bello in Prime Suspect.
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And my super dooper addiction of this month is PINTEREST!!
After months I was finally invited to join and I absolutely adore it!! I just can’t get enough!

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