Thursday, 3 November 2011

November has arrived!!

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Its NOVEMBER! Where on Earth has the Year gone!
Only 45 more days til I head home!!!!!!!!!!
And so the countdown begins!!
Even more exciting than that its...
I can't wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!
I guess I should be on the hunt for this years presents. Gah!
SO much to do in such little time!
As November begins the days are getting hotter and the nights longer and I have pulled out the trusty old fan! Summer has started early and soon I will be heading home for an English winter - the two worlds could not be more different!
I'm getting ever so excited to be going home and seeing my family this Christmas.
I love planning holidays and getting away. It's what I live for!
I have been non stop shopping and making all sorts of lists (Yes, I am a list girl!)
It's also Moustache season! Hooray! And also keep your eyes out for some fashion and travel features!
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For those of you participating in "Movember" I wish you all good luck - May the best Mo win!!
And may November be as good to you all as I know it's going to be to me!!
Happy November Darlings.

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