Friday, 9 December 2011

Deck the Halls!!!

Hi dolls! So I recently came across this list of Christmas Questions on one of my favourite blogs - the life of a cupcake - Check her out, she’s gorj!
I don’t know why but I really love survey type quiz thingys!! Give it a go if you like!
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If you could kiss any one person under the mistletoe, who would it be? – Other than my Boyf and Rafa it would have to be Lil Jon.. YEAHHH!! After watching him on Celeb Apprentice I have developed a severe crush on him!!!!!! I’m so in LOVE with him!!!!

What is the earliest you have ever woken up to open presents? – I think the earliest I can remember would have to be 7am – Apparently that’s pretty late for Christmas day ?? We’re not quite the Morning people!!

Procrastinator or planner? Are you a last minute shopper or is everything checked off your list in july? I wouldn’t say as early as July but I’m definitely an early bird when it comes to shopping for Christmas!! I love planning and I hate to be a last minute person. It’s also good to get in early before they jack up the prices for the Holiday mad rush!

What recent Christmas movie rivals old standards? ELF for sure!! This for me is the funniest Christmas Movie in a loooooong time!! My favourite Old Standard is definitely Home Alone – not so old eh?

What item is at the top of your Christmas list this year? - I would adore a Doctor Who Plushie!!!!! And I’m always on the lookout for cool new Beatles Memorabilia :) But at my age I’m happy I still get presents at all !

What is your favourite Christmas candy? - I don’t really have one to be honest – Where I’m from ‘candy’ means lollies and the only lollies I eat at Christmas are peppermint canes! My Mum also makes these divine coconut and orange bars dipped in white chocolate! YUM!! Does that count??

What is your favourite Christmas smell? Is there a special smell that instantly reminds you of the holidays? That would have to be the FOOD! Ham covered in orange wedges, a smorgasbord of potatoes (heaven!) a crisp Turkey smothered in garlic – just godly! The list goes on !!

Does your family have a unique Christmas Eve tradition? - When I was little, every Christmas Eve we would go to Church, have supper at my Nannas and then we would go home and open our presents from our Mum & Dad and then the cooking begins!!

Wrap it up! Do you wrap presents as you buy them or all at once? – I like to wrap them as I buy them – knowing my nosey family if I have unwrapped presents sitting around for too long they are bound to be spied upon!!

It is finally time to open presents! Do you prefer to open them one-at-a-time or is it a free-for-all?! – I love watching people open their gifts but I hate when people watch me open mine! It’s usually a free-for-all!!

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