Monday, 12 December 2011

Marvellous Monday!!

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It’s Marvellous Monday and the official countdown to flying home has begun!
FIVE MORE SLEEEEEPS!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm so looking forward to a White Christmas!!
This week is going to be super-duper-jam-packed, but it’s all totally worth it!
The past weekend I was a real busy bee too! On Friday I attended my six year old cousins End of Year Christmas Concert – Awwww all the little kiddies were soooo adorable!! I couldn’t help but have a little boogie along to some of the good old classic carols – It brought back so many memories of my School Concerts (awful as they were!) I really miss those days. Followed by steak and wine dinner dates with my love.
Saturday was spent cooking and cleaning and getting things organised for our early Christmas celebrations and starting on packing for the big trip. I also managed to squeeze in some me time at the hairdressers and catch up on my DVR and some reading.
And then on Sunday we had a beautiful Christmas Lunch with my Aus family and friends followed by some teary good-byes :(
I adore family gatherings – we always have a blast and get together for every little thing! I love them!
How were your weekends Darlings??

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