Friday, 4 May 2012

100 Random Things About Me !!

It's BIRTHDAY WEEK which means this week is all about ME!
So what better way to celebrate ME than to share 100 random facts about ME with YOU!!
Surprisingly, this was really hard and took me a few days to complete! Feel to make your own list!
1.       I can raise my right eyebrow but not my left.
2.       I eat tomato sauce with just about everything.
3.       I can recite ‘The Sound of Music’ word for word.
4.       Empty hangers in my wardrobe bother me.
5.       If I like a song I’ll play it over and over again until I become sick of it.
6.       Sometimes I dream in French.
7.       And Black & White.
9.      I believe in Karma, Serendipity, Santa Claus, Heaven, Magic, Good Manners and God.
10.  YES! I still believe in Santa Claus. And I still get presents from him! #Winning!
11.  I hate being the centre of attention.
12.   I would eat Shepherds Pie everyday if I could.
13.   I do not do scary movies.
14.   Jumanji is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.
15.   I don’t like other people’s pets, only my own. I’m weird, I know.
16.   My Best Friend once told me I look like Michael Jackson. WTF!?
17.   Weddings make me cry. I NEVER CRY!
18.   I’ve named all of my stuffed toys.
19.   I LOVE Disney movies.
20.   Everyone spells my name wrong.
21.   I could probably watch FRIENDS for the rest of my life. I can recite nearly every episode. Same can be said for The Office.
22.   I’m crazy about 90s sitcoms!
23.   I still don’t have my driver’s license. I’m terrified of driving.
24.   My favourite Crisp flavour is Salt & Vinegar.
25.   Once, a lady came up to me on the tube and told me I had the prettiest hair - That’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever said to me.
26.   I don’t like compliments.
27.   My hair is my pride and joy.
28.   My Parents just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary.
29.   I talk to my cat. She almost always meows back. I’m convinced she understands me.
30.   I’ve already chosen the names of my future Children.
31.   Even though I’m still not sure I want to have Children.
32.   I NEVER use public bathrooms. EW.
33.   The show ‘Fashion Police’ offends me.
34.   I don’t believe anybody has the right to judge others on their sense of taste or style.
35.   Every single person in my entire family has at least one cat.
36.   When I was a toddler I pulled a boiling hot kettle off the counter and I burnt my right foot. I still have the large scar to prove it.
37.   I believe it’s the only unique thing about me.
38.   I have one surviving Great Grandmother. She is 97 years old and her name is Mary.
39.    I hate reading a good book too quickly because I never want it to end.
40.   I ALWAYS smell my food before I eat it. People think it’s weird. My Mum and my Brother do the same.
41.   My eyes water when I lie down.
42.   I want to see the World before I die. I don’t care abut getting married and having babies! Exploring the World is essential.
43.   I love reality TV - By that I mean proper reality shows like Amazing Race and Survivor Etc.
44.   I have a Goddaughter named Becca.
45.   I once dressed up as Jasmine from Aladdin for School Book Week.
46.   IF I get married I want my Wedding song to be The Scientist by Coldplay.
47.   I think men in suits are sexy.
48.   Even sexier if they have an accent.
49.   I eat cereal with a fork because I don’t like milk.
50.   I love going to the Theatre.
51.   I despise public transport.
52.   The word ‘Nipple’ makes me cringe.
53.   I only drink orange juice if it has pulp in it.
54.   My karaoke staple is Just like a Prayer by Madonna.
55.   Not that I’d ever do karaoke.
56.   My Brother, Cousins and I made up our own words when we were kids.
57.   We still use them to this day!
58.   I believe my religious beliefs are none of your business, just as your religious beliefs are none of my business.
59.   I can’t stand over righteous religious preachers. Just leave it alone!
60.   Animal cruelty, racism and child abuse - any abuse for that matter – disgust me.
61.   When I was a kid I used to collect shiny Easter egg wrappers. I had a whole tin of them!
62.   Girls who are skinnier than me and think they are fat piss me off. That’s just insulting.
63.   I HATE being called ‘Babe’.
64.   I love Mexican food.
65.   I smile at little kids and babies. And they almost always smile back.
66.   Katherine Heigl annoys me, but I like her movies. Weird.
67.   I have an unhealthy relationship with my bed!
68.   I suffered from depression when I was in high school.
69.   I never leave the house without make-up.
70.   I’m not vain, just self conscious.
71.   I wish I wasn’t. I’m working on loving and accepting myself.
72.   I envy people who are so self aware and confident.
73.   I love raw onions. I can’t stand them if they are cooked!
74.   I eat peanut butter out of the jar.
75.   Most of the women in my family have been married more than once.
76.   I think that’s why I’m terrified of marriage.
77.   I’m extremely shy and when people first meet me they assume I’m a snob. This upsets me.
78.   They also assume I’m not very clever.
79.   I, in fact, think I’m smarter than most people I know.
80.   I would rather stay at home and read a good book than be out partying.
81.   My definition of a ‘night out’ is going to the Movies. I love it.
82.   I hate people using my toothpaste because they always seem to squeeze it in the wrong place.
83.   These people drive me insane: Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry, All The Kardashians, The Cast of Jersey Shore, The Cast of Real Housewives of Anything, Kramer from Seinfeld, Kristen Stewart. The list goes on…
84.   I hate answering the phone. I also dislike talking on the phone.
85.   Curse words offend me.
86.   I’m convinced that I absolutely cannot dance.
87.   I don’t drink coffee. Some people think that’s weird.
88.   Every night after dinner I MUST have something chocolaty!
89.   I once sat two tables away from David Beckham at a Restaurant in LA. Probably the highlight of my life!
90.   I’ve never ironed anything in my life.
91.   I write down quotes - Movie quotes, inspirational quotes etc. - and keep them in a shoebox.
92.   I’m amazing at Trivia games! My Aunt calls me “The font of all knowledge”.
93.   I adore Audrey Hepburn.
94.   I should have been born in Paris.
95.   I over think everything.
96.   I get far too emotionally involved in my favourite TV Shows. Worse if it’s a reality show!
97.   I love being a tomboy, but sometimes I wish I was more girly.
98.   I can’t face the fact that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
99.   I have some secrets in my life that I will take with me to the grave.
100.                 Sometimes I feel like I’m blogging to no one, and it discourages me.


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  1. I've seen quite a few of these posts recently and love them! Ha ha I guess that must make me terribly nosy! I'm totally with you on the but about listening to songs over and over again. I do that all the time. In fact sometimes I feel like I'm not interested enough in new music. Thank you for your sweet comment by the way :). x


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