Thursday, 3 May 2012

Birthday Week: Past Birthdays!

Here’s a little peek into some of my past Birthdays!...And past Birthday cakes! 
The majority of them seem to be bears - I think I had a bear cake every year until I was about 9!! I LOVE A GOOD CAKE!!
My first Dolly Varden Birthday Cake – for My 20th Birthday!
So, ever since I was little everyone (Mainly my Dad) calls me ‘Boo’ – don’t ask me why, its just stuck! And I always change the fridge magnets to whatever time of year it is i.e. ‘Happy Christmas’ etc. So for my 21st Birthday my Dad sneakily put this up!!
Also HAVE to share with you my amazing 21st Dolly Varden Birthday cake made by my Genius Mum!!
My Brother being cheeky!!! – My Mum even got a Barbie doll that looks like me!!
I got this for my 22nd Birthday last year - it was especially made for me by a friend just after the World Cup - and of course I was supporting Spain! Its one of the coolest presents I’ve ever received!

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