Friday, 11 May 2012

Hello Twenty-Three!

Birthday week is well and truly over – man, that flew by! I really had an amazing day (and week!)
I woke up to my parents and Brother at the foot of my bed at 630am singing ‘Happy Birthday’ along with a huge array of presents! - I naturally hid under the covers! My Brother also surprised me with a Bacon and Egg McMuffin! Yay!
After breakfast I opened my presents, boy was I spoilt! As you can see I got my Tiffany studs!! And a gorgeous matching necklace! Plus a new fabulous bedspread with the cutest cushions and pillowcases I’ve ever seen (photos coming soon!) I also got some funky new winter wear :)
For lunch my brother took me to a cute little café down the road and after that I caught up with my Girlfriends at the movies – we saw ‘The Lucky One’ and let me tell you, a night with Zac Efron on the big screen is one of the best ways to spend your Birthday!! YUM!!
Today I’ve just been prepping for this weekends celebrations with the fam – every year I do a whole Mother’s Day/Birthday party thingo with everyone and I’ve baked up a storm! I cant wait :) xxxx

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