Sunday, 15 July 2012


I love lists. I’m a very big list maker. I’ve seen this around the blogosphere and thought I’d give it a go. I am approaching this as a weekly writing exercise of sorts - a soft place to land in the event I lose words or run out of things to say!
I’m hoping it will make me a better writer and thinker.
This first one came so easy to me, it’s not even funny!
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Things I will never understand.
The Kardashinas. Seriously, what do they do?! I just don’t get it!
War. You won’t feed poor people but you will fund the war? What a joke.
Frozen Yogurt – Eat ice cream for gods sake!
Children who control their parents. Control your kids!
When you wake up 3 minutes before your alarm is set to go off. I know the phrase "biological clock" but I'm not buying it.
Algebra. Puh-leasssse. When are we ever gonna use that shit?
Short skirts or shorts with UGG boots. Are you hot or cold?
The male species. Why are you sooo exasperating?!
Drinking beyond your limit to impress someone. Do you enjoy throwing up in public?
That stupid duck face girls pull in photos. Honey, you are prettier than that.
Backstabbing, shit talking, and spreading rumors. Are you in desperate need of attention?
Stalking your ex. Do you really think this will get them back?
Shopping while you’re broke. How do you plan on paying those credit card bills again?
Socks with flip flops. Why?!
Not tipping the server who was nice, attentive, and deserved it. Imagine if that was you.
Why Donald Trump’s hair doesn’t have its own reality show. I’d watch that shit.
How planets are suspended in mid-air.  WTF?

Your turn!
If you’re struggling on a topic head over to one of my fave sites – Listography, they have so many amazing subjects!

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