Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shop til you drop!

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Want a black belt in shopping?? This is my ultimate guide!!  
Don’t go shopping without…
©       An extremely truthful and opinionated friend. You need ‘brutally honest’ not ‘totally agreeable’ if you plan on avoiding any and all fashion-buying mistakes
©       A comfy outfit you can take on and off easily. If you’re planning to try things on all day, there’s no point wearing a dress with a million buttons – you’ll be so over it by the end of the day, and it will put you off trying on that 25th pair of skinny jeans!
©       A solid idea of what you can spend. That way you’ll come home with exactly what you were after, without feeling sick at the thought you’ve completely drained your bank account on stuff you didn’t plan on buying.
©       Having an idea of what’s in your wardrobe. It’ll save you coming home only to find that your brand new pink top goes with absolutely nothing. Or that you’ve bought home a cute grey skirt to add to your collection of… cute grey skirts.
©       Stamina. There’s no time for wimping out here. Rest up the night before and start the day with a double-shot latte. There’s shopping and more shopping to be done!
©       An SSS (solid shopping schedule). After you know what you want, suss your top five stores and make sure you get to them. Don’t waste time drooling in Victorias Secret if it’s a strictly perfect sweater dress mission, and vice versa!
©       Remember, YOU are your style. Not your best friend’s, not the catalogue models’, not what’s on sale. Trust your gut instinct, and shop to discover what makes you unique!


  1. Love your shopping guide! It's so perfect and completely accurate.


  2. wise words. i don't wear accessories when i shop, for i have lost them in dressing rooms or wherever, pulling clothes off & on.

  3. These are great tips! Love this post :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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