Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Random Happiness: Olympics Edition!

Hey lovely! What a colourful weekend I had! It was totally action-packed, & only got wackier. I seriously cannot turn off the Olympics! I had a huge marathon with my friends and we stayed up til 4am watching the Games and eating way too much junk food. It was a blast!

Here’s a list of what I’m loving this week – Olympics style!

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©Men’s gymnastics – Crazy good! Seriously crushing Marcel Nguyen #inlove #pervefactor.
©The Opening Ceremony - just does not get any better than that!  SO PROUD!
©Patriotic Pride – Waving your Country's flag around like there’s no tomorrow, and even better, hearing your Country's anthem at the medal ceremony… Glorious.
©Every time I hear Chariots of Fire Mr. Bean pops into my head!
©Zara Phillips being presented her silver medal by her Mum was just the sweetest thing!
©Waking up in the middle of the night to watch an important event!
©I LOVE relays! Easily the best events at the games.
©Andy Murray winning GOLD! Why can’t he play like that at Wimbledon!? Ah, I love him so much!
©The gracefulness of the divers and gymnasts makes me wish I was somewhat talented in that way.
©The London Scenery and the impressiveness of each of the events stadium/arena.
©Extreme Perve Factor! (more to come on that one!)
©Equestrian - one of the most beautiful sports, some spectacular sights!
©Men’s trampoline – JUST CRAZY!! The women are incredible too!
©The wondrous feeling of watching the worlds greatest athletes come together
©It also makes me wish I could:
- Ride a bike just that little bit faster.
- Swim that extra 100m without actually dying.
- Jump hurdles without my leg popping out of its socket.
- Back flip, front flip, any flip, cartwheel, pirouette, somersault, tuck, pike, etc.
- Defy gravity.
- Look somewhat decent in a pretty leotard.
©There is something magical about people from ALL over the world meeting together in a spirit of sportsmanship that just gives me goosebumps.
©The sheer determination and effort that each athlete has put into their sport – their stories are simply amazing.

What are you loving/not loving right now?
Am I crazy for being this obsessed with the games?!


  1. great writing! it's fun to see another's point of view on the olympics. :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm so sad it's ending in a few days :(


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