Friday, 10 August 2012

What’s in a name!?

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“We wear our names heavily. And though we have tried to escape their influence, they have seeped into us, and we find ourselves living their patterns again and again.”   Eleanor Brown, The Weird Sisters.

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve hated my name. I don’t think it suits me at all. It’s very unique and different, and I’ve always been the plainest of the plain.
I guess I should probably tell you my name then, something I’ve been dreading for a while now, if I’m honest. Well, my name is Cheriese. There it is.
‘Cheriese’ is an English expression meaning “The tree and its fruit” and I will admit that I do love that.
But you will never find it on a magnet or a mug or anything cool like that and I wouldn’t be surprised if you misspelled it the first few hundred times, or even pronounced it wrong.
My nicknames have included: She, Sea, Chers, Riese, Sheese and Sherry.

I’ve always wished my name was Catherine or Elizabeth or something simple and normal.
Would I have been happier or more successful if my parents had named me Elizabeth?  Maybe.
And it’s just funny because I think if I were an Elizabeth and I met a Cheriese I would think it was such a pretty name, amazing how life works, eh?

Do you love your name, or do you wish you could have a do-over? If you could offer your parents some advice on the very important decision that is your name, what would you tell them?


  1. Actually I think your name is quite beautiful! It's kinda weird, though, and I've never heard it before but it has a beautiful sound :D at least, as I pronounce it :D
    I've always been quite happy with Jennifer because it's something everyone can spell (on the contrary to my last name^^), everyone can pronounce in different countries and you can shorten it, so you have a nickname and something like for work or so^^ for grown-ups :DDD
    I've always made a point in spelling my short from with an i even though everyone else keeps spelling it with a y but I think that is what makes it unique :D
    As for a parents' advise .... I think you should choose a name with a meaning that you like and in some way it should fit the last name :D Like, I'm thinking of a really unusual first name and the plainest last name --> not good :D
    I also like second names :D Mine is Lina, after my late great-grandmother :D I think second names can be a bit more unusual and kids can choose which they like better :D

    xx Jenni

  2. Thank you! It is weird, isn't it?
    I love that you spell it with a i, it makes it so unique!
    And I totally agree about the middle names, mine is Marie and I think it suits my first name and surname!



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