Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Catch Ups!

Oh hi! Sorry for not posting in a while, September is the worst month for me when it comes to Birthdays and whatnot! The past few days have been especially crazy…
On Saturday a group of my gfs and I went to this cute little café for High Tea! It was super adorable and totally scrumptious! We had pots upon pots of tea with sandwiches and scones and macarons, jelly shots, mini cheesecakes and chocolate truffles. Each of us also got a little teapot shaped cookie, so cute!It’s also been a hectic few days of Birthdays and Birthday shopping (ugh!) My bro and I spent the whole of yesterday scouring the shops for B’day gifts for Mum! It was also his Birthday (I’ll post a pic of his awesome cake soon!) and my Aunty’s which we had a huge party for – it’s been a caked filled 2 weeks!
Now I’m getting ready to go see Kath & Kimderella ! I’m so looking forward to having a good laugh today!!
What’s new with you, Lovely? Xx

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  1. sounds like you've been busy
    (ahh, why does it seem like others' birthdays always take place near each other?? i get so poor around those times).

    i've always wanted to go to high tea with some friends! looks so cute.

    erica | sweets + hearts


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