Monday, 3 September 2012

Hello September!

I am currently in Australia and winter has finally ended (wooo!) and Spring has sprung - It’s now time to shave those legs!!
Here’s to a fresh and colourful new season and brand spanking new month!
Also, a BIG Happy Birthday to my baby Bro who is 22 today!!! Xxxx
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Here’s why I am happy Spring is here:
©New Beginnings.
©The smell of fresh cut grass.
©Floral flowing spring dresses!
©Blossoming of Flowers.
©Sounds of the Birds outside my window.
©More daylight.
©Riding my bike through the park.
©Fresh Air.
©Sun kissed skin!
©Reading under a tree.
©Short shorts and flip flops!
©Tea parties with my besties.
©The sound of ice-cream trucks!
©Waking up when it’s actually light outside!
©Bright nail polish.
©Everything is green and fresh!

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  1. It's amazing to me that it is spring over there! Here is the US, it's fall!



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