Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Writing Challenge…

Start your story with “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”

He glanced at his watch impatiently. It was one forty-five, she was fifteen minutes late but that was nothing unusual, she was always running late. He was especially impatient and nervous today. He stood in the dull wintery Parisian afternoon, a slight drizzle of rain pattering on his sandy blonde muss of hair, the streets surprisingly empty and quiet for a Saturday. He fidgets with his black satin tie and ruffles his damp hair, too anxious to stand still. His ice blue eyes dart down the avenue at the sound of stilettos on the pavement. Even without seeing who it is he knows it’s her, her elegant ballerina steps gliding her gracefully towards him. His breath sharpens at the sight of her crossing the shimmering street. Even from so far away her beauty still gives him goose bumps. Her long dark curls cascading down her back, her white chiffon dress swaying gently in the slight breeze. It’s very cold out and she quickly rubs her bare arms, trying to make the chill vanish. Her smile is wide and very contagious as she reaches him and he can no longer be annoyed at her for her tardiness. “Hello Darling” she whispers softly before kissing his lips tenderly, her posh British accent making his heart flutter. He can also hear the nervousness in her voice and he immediately pulls her tiny frame into his slender body, holding her close and tight in the warmth of his chest, whispering into her ear “You’re beautiful”. As she strokes his tan cheek, her emerald green eyes glisten with tears. She stares at his broad handsome face, she can’t believe how stunning he is, his charcoal suit making his blue eyes pop. She has never been happier than at this moment. Neither has he. They stand there for a moment, not saying a word, just looking up at the grand old brick building, gazing at the dream of their future. Finally, he clutches her hand and they start up the concrete steps, their hearts pounding in unison, neither of them wanting to turn back. As they reach the antique wooden doors he spins closely into her, his lips wide with the happiest of smiles, rain dripping down his beautiful face and says “Let’s go get married my Love”.

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