Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Harry Potter Link Up: Part Two!

So excited for part two of Simply, Ashley’s Harry Potter Link Up!!
1. Your favourite female character? And why.
Hermione of course! I love her! She reminds me of myself, hate to admit it, with her know it all complex! She’s a strong brave female and she kept those boys in line! And the fact that she and Ron ended up together was perfection!!
2.Your least favourite Male character? And why.
I have to say Peter Pettigrew! He annoyed the hell out of me, so disgusting and detestable!
3. Pick one: Horcrux or Hallows?
Hallows for sure! I think it’s a beautiful story and I love how they create it in the movie, probably my favourite part!
4.Which character do you relate to most?
Probably Neville, in the early days, I’m very nervous and not brave at all! I definitely have a little bit of quirky Luna in me too, her funny, charming, odd side, love her!
5.Your favourite pairing of characters?
Hermione and Ron! I knew from day one they had to end up together, and I’m so glad they did. I also loved the Snape/Lily aspect, they were so lovely but I know if they had ended up together we wouldn’t have a Harry!
6.Your favourite professor?
Lupin, hands down. He was the cool teacher you would possibly have the hots for! I also really liked Snape, even when he was a moody grouch!
7.Bring one character back to life? Who and why?
Sirius Black. Not just because I thought he was divine! I loved that Harry had a little family of his own with Sirius, their relationship was lovely and I wish they had more time together. He would have been the perfect Father figure.
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  2. Dear She,
    I am not a huge harry potter fan. I haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies. Hopefully that does not offend you, since I like to make friends online. I do enjoy reading the Chronicles of Narnia (not a huge fan of the movies because I think some things are best left to the imagination.) I found your blog through the friends to followers hop. If you like photography, you should check my blog out. Esther Norine Designs

  3. I love how they portrayed the Hallows in the movie too, one of my favorite parts! I couldn't stand Peter Pettigrew either.

    Stopping by from the blog hop!

  4. The Hallows story in the movie was done SO WELL! The animation was so cool-I'd totally watch a cartoon animated like that! And I totally wasn't expecting it to be in the movie which made it even better!


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