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Harry Potter Link Up!!

Ok I hate that I’m so late to the punch with this AMAZING post!!
I accidentally stumbled upon this by Erinn at It’sThe Journey and I couldn’t’ resist!
The link up was started by Ashley at Simply,Ashley so head on over! (I’m actually not sure if you can still link up but I’m sharing the love anyways!!)
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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge HP fanatic! Here we go…
1. Your favourite of the 7 books?
Deathly Hallows would have to be my favourite. I love Snape’s back story and how everything was brought to an end, all our questions were answered, it’s happy, it’s sad, sometimes funny. Even though the ending was so corny it was still perfect!

2. Your favourite of the films?
Prisoner of Azkaban, hands down. I love the introduction to Sirius Black and the Marauders Map!
I love the opening sequence with Harry under his blanket whispering incantations. The manipulation of time and the attention to detail when they go back in time are wonderfully done. Not to mention Hermione punching Draco and the progression of Ron & Hermione’s love story #amazing
I have a huge crush on Gary Oldman too!

3. Which, if any, of the films made you angry for not staying true to the book?
Obviously the movies will never ever be as good as the book and your own imagination, they all obviously cut a lot out and even though that’s annoying they are all pretty amazing movies whether you’ve read the books or not.

4. Your least favourite female character and why?
Ok, I hate to be THAT girl but I seriously hated Ginny! She annoyed the hell out of me, and I’m so devo that she and Harry ended up together, ugh, am I the only one!?
 Obviously  Umbridge is a given, she’s pure evil, but  I love the dynamic that her character brings to the stories, without her it wouldn’t be what it is today, she was so well written!
And Bellatrix because she killed Sirius!! :((((((((

5.Your favourite male character and why?
It would def have to be Snape. His love for Lily is the most fundamental plot of the story. Not to mention his sacrifice. I LOVE that he is so hard hearted and then boom he’s the whole hero of the story. Bravest man I’ve ever known .Also Sirius, I want to marry him !!

6. What house would you LIKE to be in? Now be realistic... which would the Sorting Hat put you in?
I did the test on Pottermore and apparently I should be in Hufflepuff … LOL!
If I had to choose for myself of course it would be Gryffindor! Even though I’m not brave ebough!!

7. Which subject would be your favorite at Hogwarts?
Definitely apparition and charms!!
Favourite HP pins...
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