Thursday, 4 October 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge: 10 Secrets

Hi there lovelies! Can you believe it’s October already!!?? I’m so excited that the festive season is fast approaching!! It will be Christmas before you know it :) YAY
Anyway, here’s a fun little post to get me ready for this fresh new month! I’ve seen a few people do this and I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts!
I'm not always super comfortable with being this personal, but I'll try my best to keep it interesting!
I also really suck at keeping up these posts continuously every day, so please bear with me!
& please join in - Let me know if you do too!!
10 Secrets:
(Most likely to prove that I’m a nutter!!)
1.       I have a huge shoe obsession - If you have ever seen my wardrobe this isn’t such a big secret. It’s all I spend my money on and as I’m getting older my heels seem to be getting higher! I love a good stiletto!!
2.       I’m prone to crushes on boys in books. All I want to do is marry fictional characters!!
3.       I don’t like cooking but I love baking! I’m also terrified of the stove and its open flame.
4.       I talk to myself a lot. OUT LOUD. Yes, I’m one of those people and I’m not ashamed to admit it!
5.       I hate crying in front of other people. In fact, I NEVER do. I always walk away from confronting situations and bottle my emotions up for when I’m alone.
6.       I wish I could go back to when I was a kid. I want to start all over and I would honestly do almost everything differently. I definitely have regrets!
7.       I love being at home, I really hate going out. I’m the polar opposite of a ‘social butterfly’. When someone cancels plans with me it’s like Christmas has come early!!
8.       I love giving presents and picking the perfect gift for someone, but I absolutely hate surprises and love finding out what presents people buy me before receiving them!
9.       I get too emotionally invested in TV shows – especially reality shows!! My heart always breaks at the end of a season of Survivor or The Amazing Race !!
10.    I am not able to start reading a new book for a certain amount of time because I’m still living in the previous book’s world. I’m told that is called a ‘Book Hangover’.
Go ahead and judge me :)


  1. I am the exact same way on 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9! You're definitely not a nutter, (or maybe we're both nutters...) Love the new layout, by the way!


    1. Hehe, glad to know I'm not the only nutter out there!!

  2. Haha this is so cute! i talk to myself heaps too and shoe obsessions are cool lol. Show off your collection someday! Followingnu from the blog hop. Im at if you could visit :)

    1. Oh hi!! And welcome :) Just stepping over to yout blog now Xx

  3. Thanks for the follow! Following you back :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following you back now. :) I love this post... I think I'm going to use this too! I'll be sure to mention that I found it here on your blog! :)

    What's in a Name?

    1. Yay! Let me know when you do it so I can sneak a peek at your lists!! Xx

  5. your posts are so genuine, heartfelt, and i adore them! i too talk to myself aloud, have regrets, dig shoes, and sometimes experience book hangovers. ponyboy was my first book character boy crush.

  6. Hey! I just started doing this, too! You can check out my 10 secrets at What's in a Name? Day 10

    I made sure to note that I found this on your blog. :) Thanks for the great posts!

  7. YES to number 10!! It's impossible for me to read one book right after another. I used to get so upset in school when they'd make you read books one after another, i just couldn't do it. I'm still so focused on the last story that I start mixing stories and my mind goes crazy!!
    I'm loving the idea of your 10 day YOU challenge, look for it soon on my blog :) Thanks for the idea!

  8. I completely agree with #5 and #7! I try everything I can not to cry in front of people! My husband has probably seen me cry a handful of times! And I am such a home body...i would much rather stay home then go out! New follower from the GFC Hop!


  9. 2,5, and 10 are totally me!!! I'm so glad you found my blog because I'm having a great time perusing your posts :) I'm following you now, as well



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