Wednesday, 28 November 2012

30 Days Hath November Challenge:
Days 27 & 28!

Day 27: A silly self-portrait.
That hairdo is the silliest I will ever get!

 Day 28: A skill I'd like to learn.
Play Guitar.
I’d also love to learn to speak Spanish, how to knit, cook and decorate cakes like a pro!

What skill would you like to learn? Xx


  1. Oh this portrait is so cute :) I love the hair most :D
    I would love to knit some hats and sweaters but honestly I am too lazy :(


  2. what's funny is i have tried every thing on your list here, except the knitting, but i'm an old lady compared to young you. i took spanish is school for a few years. i am not fluent, by any means. when i was in acapulco, they thought i knew it better than i do. i always want to play the guitar better. the cake decorating class my friend bought me i completed, but i did not enjoy it. i spent hours decorating cakes. as far as cooking, my husband is far more skilled than me. ;)

  3. Love that top photo. Very cute.

    I planning to get back into sewing. Or I should say pick up where I left off (which was the 4 session of a beginners' class).


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