Tuesday, 27 November 2012


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[Sight] I’m sitting under the patio staring out into this beautiful sunny spring day, yellow daisies adorn my nearly dead grass and the sky is as blue as Ellen DeGeneres’ eyes! Gorgeous.
[Sound] My laptop is softly blowing out ‘How We Do’ by Rita Ora, so addicted to this song! I can also hear the birds chirping lightly and my darling cat purring at my feet!!!
[Taste] I can still taste the cold fresh leafiness of the salad I just ate.
[Touch] The hard curve of the mouse under my hand (Yes I’m so old-school with my huge mouse attached to my laptop!!) And I can feel the rough scratchy concrete slabs under my warm bare feet and my soft darling ball of fur fast asleep on top of my feet!
[Scent]  This beautiful spring day and my brownies in the oven #heaven
What are your five senses up to right now?? xx


  1. sounds divine! especially the weather and the brownies. i'm glad it wasn't a real mouse. those scare me.

  2. Brownies!? YUM :) This is a great post. Makes me think about how as humans, we experience the world by our senses. Sometimes it can be limiting, but other times it's beautiful!


  3. Oh your words are too lovely. I wish I could smell the scent of spring, it's too cold here my nose is blocked -_-
    [Sight] I am currently typing on the front of my laptop and seeing my friend telling me about her cousin's wedding.
    [Sound] Currently my mum is watching Big Boss season six of India and celebs are fighting there. And listening to Blow me one last kiss by P!nk.
    [Taste]I just finished eating my nuggets ,so their taste is still in my mouth :)
    [Touch]I am moving my finger on the mouse pad of my laptop. And pushing my lose strands on back.
    [Scent] Winds of winter just collided with my nose, I also can feel the scent of curry my aunt is cooking :)


  4. what a sweet post! such a good idea :)
    loving looking through your blog. You have got great taste in clothes! i just wish there was a forever 21 in NZ...actually i think its a good thing there isn't!! i would never have any money


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