Thursday, 22 November 2012

DIY: Jeans to Shorts!

Soon summer will be here and I’ve been dying for a new pair of shorts, I’ve been window shopping for a while but haven’t really bothered to purchase anything, esp with the price for a decent pair.
After a much needed clean out of my wardrobe I found a whole bunch of jeans I never wear (purely because they are out of style) so I decided to turn them into some shorts!
 These are nothing fancy, just a simply cut and roll and you’re done, but I’ve found a lot of really cool DIY jeans-to-shorts on Pinterest etc. that I will definitely be trying out on the other pairs of jeans I no longer wear.

I bought these jeans about 6 years ago from Target for $25 [WOW] As a production assistant I got a lot of wear out of them but now they are really out dated and horribly baggy on my chicken legs!


It’s pretty simply, you can either cut the jeans using another pair of shorts as a guide or you can put them on and draw a pencil line where you would like to cut, make sure you give yourself a few extra inches longer than you want to wear them, this is for the cuff, however you desire to wear it.


Then I simply rolled up the extra inches a couple of times to hide/prevent fraying and then I sewed a few stitches to hold it into place.

And voila!

Now I'm ready for summer with a brand new pair of shorts that were "right out of the closet" free!!!


There are so many ways you can jazz up boring old denim jeans and I’ll definitely be posting about those soon!!
Oh yeah, any ideas what I can do with the cut off legs??




  1. Oh yeah! They are so cool :D


  2. Nice! A good way to recycle my old jeans! I'm looking forward to that other post about jazzing up the jeans.

    PS - Thanks so much for following my blog. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours :)


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