Friday, 2 November 2012


*No, it’s not too early to scream for Santa!*

Oh hi November, where did you come from!?
I’m so excited that you are here don’t get me wrong but I just cannot believe how fast this year has whizzed on by! It is now the beginning of the silly and busy season! 
This year I’ve ordered a lot of presents online and I still have a few more to buy, and as I’m in Aus they take a while to arrive so I’d better get on it!
I’ve got so many other things to do in the lead up to Christmas and beyond that I’ve had to create this list to keep me sane and on the ball!
®     Finalise all online Christmas shopping within the next week
®     Write Christmas Cards
®     Wrap gifts that I have already bought and those that arrive
®     Finish ALL Christmas gift shopping
®     Create smilebox Christmas cards and e-mail
®     Find out what Mum & Dad want for Christmas!
®     And the Bro…
®     Find some awesome Christmas recipes
®     Clean Kitchen!!
®     Girlie catch-ups with the Besties
®     Finish planning Aunty J & Uncle R’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party!!
®     Start planning Christmas and ‘the year that was’ posts for blog!!!
®     Create MY Christmas wishlist and email to Mum ;) he he!
®     Clear DVR               
®     Update iPod with Christmas songs and such
®     Find some cute Christmas printables online (Gift tags etc.)
®     Post overseas Christmas cards no later than 5th December
®     Make Cupcake toppers
®     Find other cool DIY Christmas awesomeness on Pinterest!
®     Pull out all the Christmas decorations
®     Decorate the house!!!!
I feel like I’ve missed a couple of things… ugh!
And guys as it is November I definitely think it’s time to bring out that inner child and fill yourself with the annual festive joy - Please join me !! xx



  1. I can't believe how fast October went by. I feel like Christmas will be next week. Time to get started I guess :)

  2. i'm tired just looking at your list. i know you do love christmas. :)


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