Friday, 14 December 2012

I Heart Christmas: Christmas Gifts
Part One

Some of you might think that I’m a little too old to still be getting Christmas presents, I don’t just mean from my parents but from my entire family too. But that’s just the way we are. WE LOVE CHRISTMAS!
And it’s not like one small thoughtful gift either, it’s like large bagful’s of lovely meaningful presents, from every person! Out of all the cousins I’m the oldest and the youngest is 8, there’s a big difference, so you might think I’m spoilt or something (I totally am!) My friends think it’s a little strange that I, at 23, still receive box loads of gifts every year. I, on the other hand, love it, and I hope my family never breaks this tradition!!

I actually think I was a pretty easy going kid, so calm and happy, it was probably the time and the way I was raised and I’m thankful for that.
Today, I see little kids ask for iPod touches and iPads and other crazyass stuff like that, and I can’t believe it!
I love that I was so happy to have dolls and bears and books!! I hope my future children are the same as me.
 Here are some of my Favourite Christmas Gifts that received as a kid…
Barbie Dream House. Complete with Elevator and all! I remember it was pink with white trimmed windows that had blue flower boxes and a beautiful double front door. I remember taking it outside to my sandpit and creating a type of beach-right-out-the-back-door kind of vibe! I also got her pink buggy! I was a serious Barbie kid, I still have all of them in a box in my shed!
Baby Born. I wasn’t just into Barbies, I loved all kinds of dolls and teddy bears (man you should have seen how many teddies I had as a kid!) Baby Born was a huge fad when I was growing up, everyone loved it because it was supposedly like a real baby, you could feed and bathe it and it cried real tears and pee’d and everything (yeah right!) I named mine Elizabeth and I got a stroller and a bassinet and all sorts of clothing for her!!
Polly Pockets. Have you ever heard of Polly Pockets? I think they are different now but back in the day they were these cute pocket sized cases with different scenes in them, like an ice skating rink, a water park and even a Japanese tea house! I collected them all! I still have them in a huge box! I was crazy for them!!
Spice Girls Memorabilia. Aside from dolls I was really into The Spice Girls! I collected T-Shirts and pencil cases, magazines and key rings. I even had a Sporty Spice Doll!!! All of these were really awesome stocking stuffers too! Seriously I was the easiest kid to buy for!!
A Giant Winnie the Pooh bear. Ok, I’m really not kidding when I say “Giant”, this thing is huge, it’s still bigger than I am today! It’s a larger than life-size Pooh Bear dressed up as a bee, with cute golden foil wings and adorable little antennae’s. Even though it's a little worse for wear, I could never get rid of it!
CD Walkman. Remember those? Mine was purple and clear, so you could see the disc spinning as it played, that was the coolest bit! Yeah, I thought I was the bees-knees riding my bike around my neighbourhood with my CD Walkman tucked into the waste of my jeans! Ohhh, the memories!
What were your favourite Christmas Gifts as a kid?
Check back next week for part two of my Favourite Christmas Gifts, I’ll tell you all about how spoilt I am as an ‘adult’!! I use the term loosely because as you all know, I’m still a kid at heart!!


  1. oh Polly pockets!! fun just thinking about them!!

  2. Snap on all of these! except for a giant winnie the pooh :( i did have a large lavender lamb though :D (early learning center farm collection, its lime green with purple face... who couldnt love a lime green lamb.... ) x


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