Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I Heart Christmas: Christmas Gifts
Part Two

It’s one week till Christmas dolls!! Wooo, my inner child is officially out!
Have you seen the current Google header? It’s the 120th Anniversary of the Nutcracker Ballet, so pretty!
It’s been pretty hectic over here - Yesterday my bestie (who is a beautician in training) gave me a mani/pedi and an amazing massage! I’m feeling so refreshed and pretty today, with my red Christmas nails! And I’ve finished all my Christmas to-do’s YAY! So here is part two of my Favourite Christmas Gifts!
Becoming a teenager and growing more mature obviously my tastes and trends changed.
I still love dolls and bears but I didn’t want to be that weird 18 year old with a baby doll (Even though Elizabeth is hiding in the back of my closet!) I got into make-up and miniskirts and high heeled shoes etc. as you would expect...
Louis Vuitton purse. OH MY GOD! This was probably the best gift EVER! When I ripped open the paper and saw that brown box with the blue ribbon it was a total surprise! The best surprise! I got this from my parents in 2010, it’s a small black leathered purse with a beautiful silver clasp and its signature LV printed on the side. LOVE IT!!
Tiffany’s Heart Bracelet and matching Necklace. A few Christmases ago I got my first ever Tiffany’s bracelet. I’ve now collected a few but I will never forget the first time I opened the wrapping and found that little blue box!
Trip to Paris/ Disneyland. My first time ever! Love love loved it, obviously. I had the most amazing time ever (even though it rained to whole time!) And I cried the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower!
Michael Kors Heels. Well, these are pretty amazing! Black leather and strappy with beautiful gold zips. I got these from my Aunt who had bought them in LA and sent them over, which was somehow the most exciting thing!
Mountain Bike. I love riding! I got this a few years ago, really pretty and bright purple!
Delilah. My camel, all the way from Dubai! Told you I still love teddies and such! I know this is so corny and lame but I love her :) !!

Delilah & Winston!

What have been your favourite gifts as an adult? Do you still receive presents?
Or what's been the best gift you've ever given?

Happy one week till Christmas lovely Xx


  1. Yea that header is awesome!

    Omgosh I can't imagine my reaction if I ever got a Louis Vuitton!! :D

  2. ohh you get fantastic gifts, seriously! do you have a photo of your doll elizabeth? i only ask because i wish i had photos of my old dolls. your stuffed animals are cute. :)


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