Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I Heart Christmas: Christmas Traditions

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 My earliest Christmas Memory: I would have been about five years old. I remember lying in bed and hearing noises on the roof and I ran out to my parents convinced it was Santa and his reindeer!! The next morning I woke up to presents scattered over my bed wrapped in bright green paper!

Family Traditions: Every Christmas Eve we go to church and then everyone goes to my Nanna’s and she makes curry puffs and sausage rolls and loads and loads of desserts. We pass around Christmas cards and eat and drink until late. Everyone then retires home for the next day’s events. Once home, my Parents give my Brother and I our present and we give them theirs etc. and we all sit in front of the tree like little children and open them all up! After this joyous tradition Mum and I then start preparing vegetables and the turkey and ham etc.
That is pretty much what happens every year, and has happened since long before I can remember, and this year will be the very same!

What we have for Christmas dinner: Or in our case lunch. If I'm in England for Christmas we usually have dinner, but in Aus we like to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather so we have lunch!
We always have an amazing turkey and my mum does a wonderful ham! There’s loads of roast potatoes, my Nanna’s famous stuffing, honey glazed carrots and as many other vegetables as you can think of, PLUS about a thousand dishes of dessert, I usually do my Choc mousse! But seriously, when it comes to dessert everyone is so stuffed we can’t even look at it all!

This Christmas. There will be a few extra people with us this year, just some family from over East. It’s my cousin’s turn to host Christmas this year, luckily they have a swimming pool so it will be extra awesome! There’s going to be a huge lunch (as usual) and here’s hoping the weather will be nice and warm!

Last Christmas. I was in England last Christmas. My Mum cooked up a storm and my family came over for dinner. We opened presents and played cards till late. Christmas in England always feels different! And it was my first Christmas without my Brother :( !!

What are your Christmas Traditions lovely? xx
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  1. i just got married and was talking about Christmas tradtions that we both had growing up. its going to be interesting coming up with our own christmas traditions.....

  2. curry puffs sound good. i want to see all these desserts. i'm so jealous. christmas lunch and swimming pools? it's summer where you live, so yes go enjoy your favorite holiday. :)


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