Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy New Year Guys!!! No kisses at midnight for me, I was in bed by 11! What did you get up to?
Christmas was wonderful though! I’m so devs at how quickly it came and went!
My parents sneakily took down the tree this morning while I was asleep, they knew I’d try to keep it up forever!
My Aunt & Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary party was a few days after Christmas, I’ll post some cute pics soon!
Anyways, here is what my Christmas looked like…
My Bro and I’s annual Christmas pic on front of the tree!
My cousin drew me this awesome Beatles art, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! How talented is she?!
I also got this awesome ‘Wreck Journal’ !!! Have you heard of them? It’s like an art book with prompts and you just follow it and let your imagination and creation flow! I’m so excited to start this, I’ll share more with you later!
Cute Zayn Christmas Card from my cousin!
My cousins amazing Gingerbread House!!
The cousins playing Mini Air Hockey – AWESOME GAME!!
  My awesome stash of presents!
- I got so many clothes (seriously don’t need to go shopping for a long while!), books, jewellery, tea cups, perfume, handbags, cute Mickey Vinylmation!!! etc. etc.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was a wonderful as mine! I’m already counting down till next year!




  1. You're so pretty!! I'm envious of your gorgeous long hair... ;)

    And that is a fab gift pile!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. you look beautiful with your bro, but then again, don't you always look beautiful? i adore your cousin's drawing for you. what a thoughtful gift! tell me if you love your wreck this journal, after you've had some time to play in it. ok?

  3. ooh, I've been wanting a 'wreck-this' journal for a while now, they look so cool and fun.
    btw, I nominated you for a Liebster award, check out my blog for more details if you want to participate :)


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