Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Monday Catch-Ups!

Hey Guys, Happy Monday! (Ok, so I wrote this whole post thinking it was Monday and have only just realised its Tuesday!!) Monday was a bank holiday for us so now I'm totally mixed up!!
I'm currently in a food coma from the past weekend! Bestie came over and we had a mammoth picnic in my room (yeah, we're cool!) while we watched the Australian Open Men's final!
It was Andy Murry [GBR] vs Novak Djokovic [SRB]
Bestie is super in love with Djoka - I like him too but as you can see I pulled out my GBR flag and was cheering for Murray! I made Bestie a Serbian flag, she loved it and would not stop rubbing it in that Djoka is the champion!!!
Text from Bestie, she keeps me entertained haha!!

After the Tennis we had a marathon of The Mindy Project! So in love with this show!! And then we watched Rear Window, one of my favourite movies, Bestie’s never seen it before so I'm glad to share some awesome classic movies with her!! And we pretty much do what we always do, giggled and talked till 5am!

What did you get up to lovely? 
& Happy Tuesday*** Xx


  1. haha you're so cool!
    I love GB flags, they're really pretty for everything - deco, accessoires, clothes .... so much prettier than the German flag at least^^ plus it always gets awkward when you're wearing a German flag ... :/

    xx Jenni

  2. that sounds like a spectacular time with the bestie! :)


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