Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wreck This Journal

Just sharing a couple pages from my Wreck This Journal, I’m pretty happy with my progress so far.
I have a lot more to go but it’s been a lot of fun trying to come up with out of the box creative ways to express myself.
There are a few prompts that I’m a little stuck on, I’ve been searching for some ideas online but am coming up short, they are all really lovely and inspiring I’m just trying to stay with things that reveal a little about myself and my interests etc etc. I want this to be a book that if you were to flip through it it would define me, ya know?
I’m really stuck on “Poke holes in this page using a pencil.” I’ve seen a lot of people draw balloons on this page but I’m trying to find something different and more me (if that makes sense) any ideas or suggestions would be so appreciated!!

Drip something here. (Ink, Paint, Tea) Close the book to make a print.
I just used paint for this and I added some glitter to a few blobs. This is probably one of my favourites, I love ink blots, makes me feel like a kid again!!

Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling your coffee here.
Even though I’m not a coffee drinker I used it anyways, I thought it would look better than green tea! I just dipped the base of my cup in some black coffee and stamped my way around the page. I love that warped and weared look!

Climb up high. Drop the journal.
To me, being in a plane means you’re going on an adventure, some place exciting and wonderful, and there is nothing greater than that! I've also written Coldplay's Paradise lyrics. Of course.

This page is a sign. What do you want it to say?
I knew before starting this book that I had to have Doctor Who included, what better way than the police box sign hey?!

Document your dinner. Rub, Smear, Splatter your food. Use this page as a napkin.
This was pretty easy! FOOOOOD!! I’ve only splattered a couple bits on here, I just don’t have the heart to completely chuck my dinner all over the page!!
Cover the page with only office supplies.
I couldn’t think of any more office supplies, HELP! I've left room for suggestions! & Of course I had to add a cute One Direction post it note hehe!!
Pick up the journal without using your hands.
I saw this on Tumblr and fell in love! Mine is not as good as the original but I’m so happy I went with this idea, Harry Potter had to be included too!! (Yes I'm a HP baby!)
A page for four-letter words.
I think this page most defines me and is my favourite so far. I’ve used only four-letter words that mean something to me. You might think it’s lame but here are a few:
©Zuko as in Danny Zuko from Grease which is my favourite movie!
©John for John Lennon.
©Wand and Scar – more HP references.
©Cake, Book, Bake, Read – obvs the most important things about me!
©Finn – My favourite name for a boy (this will probably change but I’ve included it so that I have something to giggle about when I look back at this in 10 years time!!)

What do you think so far? I would love your honest opinions!!! Give me some tips on how to improve, PLEASE!!! Xx



  1. Oh totally LOVE it . I really want this journal ;) Your ideas for it are creative , is there any page for favourite lyrics? Or would you make it? ;)
    I'm your new follower from blog hop , come to my blog sometime. :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. I actually thought about doing a page of lyrics from some of my favourite songs, how cool would that be!?!!


  2. I almost picked one of these up, and your images are really making me wish I would have! What a great creative outlet, and keepsake when you're done (considering it doesn't tell you to set it on fire or something at the end lol) I love everything you've done so far...keep it up!

    I'm following, and can't wait to see what you come up with!


    1. Oh you should defs get one, especially if you have a creative soul! It is so much fun!!

      Thank you for the lovely comment and follow :) Xx

  3. I love this sooooo much! I've been wanting to get one of these for a while, they seem like so much fun! I especially love the Doctor Who page!


  4. This is so cute!


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