Wednesday, 16 January 2013

You are never too old to set another Goal...

Can you believe we’re already half way through January and I haven’t said a word about goals yet? I read a post recently by one of my favourite blogger's, Jules, about her 2013 goals that inspired me to do the same. I feel I have to write these out in order to stick to them. I suck at keeping up with these kinds of things so of course my first and biggest goal of 2013 is to follow this awesome list!! I’ll be honest, these are a tad lame and very basic, but let’s see if I can keep up with these before I add “run a marathon” or something crazy next year!
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© Make an exercise plan – AND STICK TO IT!!
© Paint and draw more.
© Control my appetite!
© Less sugar.
© Less whining.
© Think of awesome things to blog about!
© Complete my Wreck This Journal.
© Improve my writing.
© Rely on technology less.
© Make more time for reading.
© Stop taking things personally.
© Share more photographs.
© Worry less.
© Pray more.
© Less silly spending!
© Floss more!
© Ride every day.
© Learn more.
© Teach more.
© Listen to others and most importantly, to my heart.
© Spend more time with family.
© Drink more water and green tea!
© Be kind to myself.
© Make new mistakes.
© Learn from new mistakes.
What are your goals for 2013 lovely?

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  1. go you! it's fun to see your plans. i agree with that quote.


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