Friday, 1 February 2013

52 Lists!

I know, it's the 1st of Feb [HAPPY FEBRUARY!] so I'm a bit late with this but you know me, always last to jump on the bandwagon and all! You also know that I love lists. Like, love love love them. 
So I'm super happy that Pip at Meet Me at Mikes has started this 52 Lists project! YAY! 
I'm hoping to do one list a week, fingers crossed ey! Please feel free to join in and link up here.
 The lists can be about anything, you can type them or handwrite them and take a pic, post it on Insta or twitter or your blog and use the hashtag #52lists !! Today, I'm starting with ... 

My Favourite Smells.

So, I'm Mrs. Christmas (obvs.) I love everything about it, including the smell! I'm not quite sure what it is but it's definitely happy!! Same with Springtime, its so fresh and clean and new!

Old books are so nostalgic to me. Whiskey too, it reminds me of my grandparents!

I could've done a whole list of food smells. Onions frying. Cake baking. Garlic bread. Garlic in general. Paprika. Melon. Mash Potato! I love love love the smell of licorice but I hate the taste, isn't what weird?

Some people think there's something so clinical and sterile about Dettol, that's why I love it! And vicks OMG! I have a jar by my bed and I sniff that mother like it's some kind of drug!

Now, new tennis balls, that's a bit crazy. Is it safe, or even legal to sniff tennis balls? I have no idea, it gives me a kind of high, wow this just took a bad turn... 

And lastly, there is nothing sexier than men's cologne! Or fresh sheets from the wash. HELLS YEAHH!

What are your favourite smells?
If you decided to join in let me know so I can stalk your lists! Xx


  1. I love the smell of Petrol ( weird aha? ) and I love VICKS as well . Though people think it's weird but choices are obvious ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. I like the smell of petrol and permanent markers, but I wasn't prepared to put those down haha, oh well I've spilled the beans now!

  2. I really love the smell bacon :D Tennis ball? I never heard anyone saying this !

    Aree With


    1. Yes it is a little strange haha!!

  3. this is great :D really cool list and who doesn't love the smell of old books?
    Plus, I really love your handwriting!! never seen anyone write like that^^
    but what's vicks? never heard of that^^
    I think I understand the tennis ball thing^^ It's probably not really the ball itself but the memories and associations, right? Like when I see the stage at school^^

    xx Jenni

    1. Thank you!!
      You've never heard of Vicks!?!?! Whattttt! It's like mentholated cream, you put it on your chest or neck when you have a cold!
      And it's both the actual smell of whatever they use to make tennis balls and the memories associated with it haha!!

  4. I love making lists! this is a great one :) so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower :)



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