Friday, 8 February 2013

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Who is as addicted to Girls as I am?? Such a good show!!
I've been dying to watch The Hunger Games again and I just found out that they will be airing it on FOX soon! I'm rereading the book to tide me over until then!!
I wrote this a few days ago but right now I'm pretty excited that Community is back YAY!
And also, just had a heart attack when I went to Download the newest ep of Mindy Project and my computer tells me it has no disc space WHATTTTTT!? I have no idea what to do???

Now onto this weeks lists...

Favourite Childhood TV Shows
I have so many fond memories associated with each of these shows!
The Smurfs and Postman Pat I used to watch early in the morning at my Grans house before she walked us to school. Arthur, Hey Arnold. Rugrats and Daria were what we watched when we got home from school!! 
I totally forgot to add: Sesame Street, Babar, Bananas in Pyjamas and Johnson & Friends! 
Man, I wish I was a kid again!!

What are some of your favourite childhood TV shows?

Best Snacks!!
I'm surprised that this list was so short, I feel like I'm snacking ALL THE TIME! What have I missed??



  1. Girls!? Never heard of it... I really enjoyed the Hunger Games though (minus the gory violence but that's just me ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. you have really pretty handwriting! :) the smurfs make me think of childhood too. i loved daria. it still makes me laugh. i used to like sabrina the teenage witch too. i also watched the nanny and the golden girls. oreos are definitely my go to cookie.

  3. dropped by via the followers to friends blog hop, now your follower on GFC, see you back at my blog
    Angela x

  4. I've never heard about the girls . Hey I have loved Postman Pat as my morning treat before school and hey arnold was the last game I played on my game boy and yay I finished that one!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. You have such gorgeous handwriting! I love the lists idea, I may start doing that on my blog.


  6. I love the Smurfs! And I really can't believe you forgot the Oreos. How could you?!? :)
    I can't wait till Catching Fire is out...I should re-read the series.
    PS - Meet & Greet blog hop is live for till Monday night & we'd love to have you link up!


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