Saturday, 2 February 2013

Meaningless Words.

As I type this I can feel the cool and comforting air from the air-conditioner on the back of my neck. Today was a very hot day and it doesn't look like it will be clearing up any time soon. I hate muggy disgusting days like this. I have a horrible migraine because of it. My nose feels all numb and I'm struggling to breathe. My eyes feel so heavy. I feel like climbing into bed but it's just so hot. I'm pretty mad that I can't get the latest ep of 'The Office' grrrr. I've also just eaten a whopper, it was so good and so disgusting at the same time. What a pig I am. It's cheered me up a little but I'm still grumpy. I can hear 'Everybody Loves Raymond' playing in the other room, I love that show! I reminisce about today's shopping adventure. I bumped into Bestie - so spontaneously and by accident - outside our favourite store. She told me she got me my favourite perfume on sale for my birthday, which is 4 months away! She's always spoiling surprise birthday presents for me, she knows me so well! She also bought me a present last week (a cute mini purse because she knows how much I hate taking my big bulky bag whenever I go shopping!) and drew me an awesome picture of Troy and Abed and adorned the page with quotes from 'Community', our favourite show! I got a frame for it today. I just sent her a photo of it, she said it made her day which totally made my day. My phone startles me as it beeps it's little alarm at me, telling me that 'The Paradise' will be starting soon. I'd better get some aspirin, and definitely turn the air up.


  1. Woah what a lovely bestie ;)
    Happy weekend!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. shit, the date just really got me confused because it said that you posted this today at 7:50pm and I looked at my watch, completely shocked- 7:30!!
    And then I remembered that there's a time shift .... stupid me!!

    I hope you're feeling better now because I'm super jealous! Today was the first time I was wearing my leather jacket this year and then it started to fucking snow!!! I can't stand the cold anymore, it's super annoying, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed summer!!

    xx Jenni

    1. Hahaha!! The time diff totally trips me out sometimes!!
      Today I'm feeling a lot better thanks lovely! And I wish we could swap, you could have the sun and I could have the snow!! xx

  3. Sounds like you have a great friend there :)

    That's too bad it's so yucky sticky hot. It's not much better over here, except our weather is the opposite. (Very) cold and wet.

  4. aren't best friends one of the best things in life? ;)


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