Monday, 11 February 2013

Previously in my life...

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So today I had an emotional breakdown, like literally, I threw the biggest tantrum!!! 
Luckily I was home alone so I didn't humiliate myself too much! I did however empty my whole underwear drawer on the floor in a panic stricken rage. NO JOKE.

I'm one of these idiots who hides things - very very important things - in a safe place and for the life of me I can't remember where that safe place is! I seriously think there is something wrong with my brain. The thing is, I hid this very very important thing only last week. Today, while searching my whole room for it I could not remember if I  had actually hidden it or if I've thrown it away. But because it was a very very important thing if I had thrown it away I would've completely destroyed it and I don't remember doing so. And the place that I SWEAR I put it is completely bare of its presence. I have a horrible feeling that I'm on one of Derren Brown's hidden camera experiments and he's trying to make me think I'm completely losing my mind. Seriously, it's possible. 

Anyways, this is how I ended up on the floor amidst a large pile of bras and pants sobbing hysterically like a little child. I do this sometimes, when I'm frantically searching for something, I just throw clothes around until said thing appears. That's my rage issue, I work myself into a panic which then makes me open drawers and cupboards and just grab and throw. It feels good, until I realise I have to clean it all up, because yes, I'm a neat freak.

I still have no idea where this very very important thing is. This has however given me the chance to tidy up my underwear drawer! And I've promised myself that I'll  be cleaning every other drawer until I've found it! I must stop hiding things. Lord, give me strength.

***Also, I've been searching for a book I saw, can't remember where I saw it, probably instagram or a blog!
It's a bluey greenish cover with white cursive writing and it may or may not contain a white drawing of a woman or girl or person or something to that effect?? I just remember it was a pretty cover. Please help!! Why I don't write things down the minute I see them is beyond me. I'm such a fool, I give you permission to laugh at me, if you must.

I had so much more to share with you but I feel like this has gone on forever, so until next time...

Happy Monday xx


  1. oh dear...just one of those days.
    we all have them.
    cheer up!

  2. why would i laugh? i don't like it when i can't find something either. it will turn up when you aren't expecting to find it. that's what usually happens to me.

  3. I was already upset that you were not following me!! Haha no! Just confused :DDD

    I know what it's like to not be able to find what I'm looking for (same is happening to me at the moment^^) and i can totally understand that you got mad! I mean, it's not going to help finding stuff but it releases tension :D

    Hope it's become a little colder for you although I wouldn#t mind if it were a bit warmer here! I've already caught a cold :/

    xx Jenni


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