Friday, 22 March 2013

52 Lists

 I wrote this list while I was visiting my Gran, so of course that's what is on top!
I love being in bed when it's cold and rainy outside. There is something so lovely about being snuggled up and warm wearing an oversized sweater or a baggy soccer jersey, listening to the Beatles and sipping on hot chocolate!! And there is nothing more magical than a bookstore!! It had to be said!
Everything on my list makes me feel so comfortable and warm.
What makes you feel cosy?


  1. So sweet, I love these!! I love being at home where it's warm and happy. In big jumpers and cosy blankets :) x

    1. There really is nothing better!

  2. awww! i agree with so many of these things. :) gesso is like a paint primer, sealer, and can also be used as white paint. below are some video links to what's gesso

    also there's a getting started gesso class with julie fei-fan balzer for only $15 here's the promo

    1. All very informative, thank you!! Happy to say I know what Gesso is now!


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