Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Currently & 52 Lists

(Sorry about my misspelling of Maltese! I write out the word first then go back and dot my i's and cross my t's, accidentally crossed the wrong one haha!!) 

Have started watching The Office from the beginning (again) because it is nearly over for good *cries like a baby* - I don't want it to end, ever!
At the mo I'm reading The Maltese Angel by Catherine Cookson (totally just realised I dashed the L oops!!) You know what I mean though! Borrowed this from my Gran who never has time to read, it's pretty good so far!
Cannot stop listening to Thank you by MKTO - This will be my song of the week soon! Addicted to it!
I'm really excited for Easter, I've been making decorations all week and have been planning my dessert table, which will be a candy bar with loads of different mini desserts, can't wait!
I'm really annoyed today because my email was hacked [GRRR] I had to sort so much stuff out trying and fix it, I'm so pissed! 
On a brighter note the weather has cooled off immensely! I'm loving the fresh chill in the air!

Now onto this weeks list......

Games I Like

So excited about this weeks list!! I love trivia games and anything involving Disney! I recently spied Disney Pictionary in the shops and am dying for it! Such a kid! I'm not competitive, well not win at all costs competitive but I have been known to do a "winners dance" when I've beaten my Bro at Chess (not very often!)

I also forgot to add games that I play with my cousins, that we made up! These include: 
Hit the eraser with the ball in the hall.
Down Ball.
Find the small object that 's been hidden in the room.

Curby is our favourite - You need at least 2 people, a ball (pref a basketball or soccer ball) and two parallel curbs at least 8 feet apart. You simply try and get the ball to hit the opposite curb, you hit it you win a point. And other such awesome rules, like if the opposing team catches it off the curb they get the point etc etc.

What are some of your favourite games? Have you made any up?



  1. The trivia games sound wonderful, I like them too. Although, I tend to get too nervous to answer even though I know the correct answer, haha! You have super handwriting :)) xx

  2. Oh I love these currently lists , I love basketball and badminton than ANYTHING else :)
    Oh my , it must be so annoying to get your Email in trouble . Has it recovered yet?
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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