Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter Lovelies!!! Wow you guys, it's not even 8pm and my eyes are heavy and I'm just about ready to doze off! It's been a hectic weekend and I feel as if I could sleep for a week. I spent all of yesterday baking and cleaning and decorating and tasting, oh the tasting, so many variations of chocolate - choc mousse, choc crackles, choc cake batter, choc cake, choc frosting and not to mention a few sneaky Maltesers and Kit Kats here and there! I'm so thrilled with how the house turned out, thanks to my amazing decorations [in the most humblest of ways of course]!! It was all totally worth the hard work. Today my fam came over for a massive feast - we had lamb and ribs and beef and curries and I made Shepherds Pie [my fave!!] and I also made a really yum champagne punch aaaaannd omg my Candy Bar was a big hit! We had a big Easter egg hunt and opened presents, I got at least eight boxes of Ferrero Rocher's (my family knows me so well!) It was the best Easter in ages! 

Here are some quick pics of my awesome day - sorry they are so boring, just had to share!
As you know I made the pom-poms and the Bunny garlands, I also made confetti to throw about the place (just used a hole punch and paper, took me ages!) and I am so in love with my Mini Kit Kat and M&M cake [WARNING: May Cause Drooling!] - a couple people thought it was a bowl filled with M&Ms and tried to dig in! Oh and I printed the napkin rings from Tiny Me - they are actually egg rings but I thought they'd be super cute for the napkins!

Another Easter over just like that [devs]! I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter too!!!
What did you get up to? Did the Easter Bunny sneak you any chocolates? Xx


  1. Sounds you had great fun :) Happy Easter to you. Yummy candy , no one can get enought of easter candy!

  2. your place looks so nice! not only the deco (but it#s wonderful!) but also the furniture!!
    you can send some ferrero rochers over, haven't had any in ages :DDD

    xx Jenni

  3. such pretty sweetness dear cheriese! that cake sounds so deliciously decadent. :)


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