Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I do not hoard, I collect!

Today I cleaned out my bathroom cupboard. Like pulled everything out and actually threw stuff away. Yes, I'm a hoarder. No I don't need to be on that show. Remember on FRIENDS how Monica had a secret closet filled with junk? That's me

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Guess how many close-to-empty bottles of  shampoo and conditioner I had? If I added all the contents of each close-to-empty bottle together I'd have at least two full bottles, crazy huh? The thing with these stupid bottles though is that they aren't made for you to be able to get that last little bit out! You can squeeze and squeeze but nothing comes out, WHY DO THEY DO THISSSS!!!????? I also found six used toothbrushes [SERIOUSLY?!?!], four empty Clinique toner bottles and some kind of liquid that had pooled and congealed. Nice one.

Even though I threw out a lot of empty bottles and random containers I still have a lot of stuff, half of which I don't use. Especially those mini lotions and gels or bath sets that people give me as presents [UGH]. I always say I'll put them out for guests but when do I have guests?! [LOL] So now I've got two ice-cream buckets full of them! 

So, just in the name of sharing here's a list of things I hoard collect, I honestly feel that all of these are more "collecting" than "hoarding" anyway!! I'm not messy or anything like that, you CAN actually see the floor! So there is absolutely nothing wrong! ...
Having said that, please don't judge me!!! And definitely do not call up that show and dob me in!

Things I hoard collect:
  • Empty Perfume bottles and the boxes they come in - I look myself in the mirror and call myself crazy and I do eventually throw all of these out!!
  • School text books and notebooks. All the way back to primary school!
  • Christmas and Birthday cards - I still have every card I've ever received!
  • Biscuit tins - I will never apologise for this, they can be used for storing cool things and most are really pretty!
  • Pens - I have pens that don't even work! Whyyyyyyyyy?
  • Books - Ok, you definitely can't judge for this one!
  • Gift bags - I totally re-use these though!
  • Foreign coins. Absolutely cool and normal!
  • Magazines - I actually just recycled a stash of mags I found under my bed that were at least six years old!
  • Letters. I'll never get rid of my letters. Yes, some are love letters, oooooh.
  • Hair pins - I can never find any when I need them but I know I have at least a million (admit it, you do too!)
  • Old scrap notes and to-do lists - I will admit that this is kind of insane!
  • Old calendars - They are all of Audrey Hepburn or David Beckham, how can I get rid of them!?
  • Stamps - hands down the coolest collection!
  • Boxes - in every shape and size imaginable!
  • Clothes Tags  - I have a box full of Zara, Topshop and other such tags!
  • Canvas bags - I have hundreds! They are really cool, pretty ones too!
  • Napkins, unused of course! - This is definitely definitely definitely collecting, I save napkins from awesome restaurants/cafes/hotels/DISNEYLAND! etc. Yes, definitely not hoarding, OK!?

Now I have to clean out my big drawer of make-up. I'm sure you will be more than excited for that update ha ha!
Just curiously, what's the go on donating bath products to the Salvation Army?? I mean it's all unopened and unused? 

What things do you "collect" ?? No judgement, I promise! Xx


  1. I used to collect pretty clothes tags too! I also find it hard to throw out pretty packing makeup comes in :P good for you cleaning it out!

    1. Haha thanks, glad to know I'm not alone!

  2. Gift bags! I don't know why I can never part with them. I do reuse them, as well, but not enough in relation to how many I have. Cute post :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    1. It's crazy the amount of gift bags I have!

  3. does anyone EVER find their bobby pins????
    well I guess I hoard/collect books, nailpolishes, all stuff from holidays (tickets, napkins etc), postcards, hand balms....
    finally added you on fb :DD
    and thaaaaaanks ;) I love your hair too!

    xx Jenni

  4. Hey, I found you on the Bloglovin Blog Hop! This post made me crack up, as I recently did the same thing a few weeks ago and wrote a similar post.

    I save shopping bags from nice stores. Coach, Nordstrom, Saks, etc... I have a huge Rubbermaid bin full of gift bags. I also have a collection of magsazines with Christina Aguilera on the cover because I was slightly obsessed with her. I still can't part with them.

    Love this post! <3

    1. Yessss I have a nice stash of pretty shopping bags too! Thanks for the follow :)

  5. i bet you felt so happy to go through and clean that stuff. maybe you could put some of those things into scrapbooks/journals? only if you want to though. i have plenty of collections myself. proof is my old blog post from 2011. the link is below if you want to see.

    1. Oh wow, putting them into a scrapbook is a great idea, never thought of that!!!
      hecking out your post now :) xx

  6. Gosh , it means no one finds their hair pins whenever they are needed! It's a global problem!
    I never thought that this topic can be that fun. I gave it a serious look and I regret. I still have some parker pens (of course the ones who doesn't work now) & old letters. Although they are not love letters ;P


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