Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Life via Insta!

© Hiding from the heatwave!
© Made a card for Bestie! Yep, that’s us :)

© New Eiffel Tower Vase, only $8!!
© Cut some roses for my new vase
© Jumped on the bandwagon with imadeface, so addictive!

© The wall of Mickeys!! My cousin collects these awesome Mickey Mouse vinylmation, I’m so jealous!!
So far I’ve only got one, but I will catch up I swear!!
© Spice Girl text rage bahahaha, if you watch MKR you’ll understand!
© Miss Audrey art!
© Picnics with Bestie in the sitting room watching the tennis, best ever!
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------Wow, I created this post months ago and totally forgot to publish it! Better late than never!


  1. I love your kitty face! So cute!!! I'm also obsessed with those Mickey vinylmation, but my obsession ends at the Disney Store. I dont actually own any. But now, me wants a wall o' Mickey's!!!!!

  2. Cheriese, your art is awesome! i want to see more. :) i'm greedy like that.

  3. Hahahaha really glad for the last sentence, I was already getting confused :D
    your art is awesome, I'm jealous!

    xx Jenni

  4. I love every single one of these photos! I love your Audrey art. You are so talented :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. your blog is so chic&cute -- so happy I found it! I am proud to be your newest follower!!!



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