Friday, 26 April 2013

Style Icon: Nina Proudman

[I'm doing this post especially for Teddi, one of my blogging besties!]

In last weeks Style Icon list I mentioned "Nina from Offspring" - for those of you who don't know, Offspring is an Australian comedy-drama series that centres around 30-something Obstetrician Nina Proudman and her eccentric family - it's full of awkward humour, family drama and seriously frustrating romantic entanglements (why do they do this!? grrrr) It's one of my favourite shows. Here's a quick sneak peek of the new season that's starting soon... YAY!

A big congrats to Asher Keddie for winning the Gold Logie AND a Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress a few weeks ago for her portrayal of the quirky and hilarious Nina Proudman. I just love Nina's style, she always looks so simple and chic. There's just something about the way she pulls together a maxi skirt, riding boots and a flowy top (not to mention her cute little vests and scarves!) that leaves me wishing I could dress like Nina!
Here are some of my favourite Nina outfits... 

***All images found via Pinterest 


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