Friday, 31 May 2013

52 Lists: Beside my Bed

The most recent list on the 52 Lists project is 'Beside my Bed' and I would have shared more pictures but I'm in the process of a massive clean out and everything is in such a shambles - yesterday I ventured under the bed, yikes... I found a massive basket of books and I have no space to display them anywhere, might just have to take a trip to Ikea this weekend! As you can see I have a shit load of books beside my bed already! I heart books!

I'm lucky enough to have a double window! The window sill gives me so much extra space for the little things! This was only a tiny little section of my bedside, the rest was a catastrophe of mess!
First stack of books! Note, the 'Snooki' book was a B'day gift from my cousin as a joke because he knows that I cannot stand her!
Second stack of books! This just keeps getting higher and higher! I still have that basketful of books under my bed -A trip to Ikea is definitely needed! 

What is beside your bed? Are you a book hoarder like me?! Xx


  1. Hubby's got a stack of books like that next to his side of the bed. We have no Ikea close by, but I hear it's just lovely for shopping. :)

  2. You are the lucky ones to have such stack. All of my books are distributed in my cousins by mum so they can read them too but I never love to give books away -_-

  3. it's fun to see snippets of your space. yes, i have piles of books and magazines on the floor beside my bed. i don't think my husband likes it. he bought me a shelf once. he even tried to make something, but they still end up on the floor. i read before i sleep, and don't feel like getting out of bed to put them away. so, i just toss them on the floor.


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