Friday, 24 May 2013

52 Lists

Hey dolls! I'm up out of bed today, wooohoo! My voice has returned but I'm still a little sneezy, hopefully that will pass overnight! I've managed to get back on the bike - totally needed it - and I even baked a chocolate pud, just because! And did you notice my new and improved header? I thought I needed a change and I'm pretty happy with my little doodle. Anyway, I have missed a couple of lists the past few weeks (my bad!) here they are...

Good Biscuits

Jaffa Cakes are hands down my favourite! I'm especially hooked on Marks & Spencer Jaffa Cakes - I stock up whenever I'm in the UK or my family sends some over!! I know they are called cakes but I consider them biscuits!
I love making my own Shortbread, I didn't mean to put it on the list twice though!
Tiny Teddies and Pizza Shapes take me way back to pre-school!
And if you haven't tried a Tim Tam then you haven't lived!!!

What biscuits do you love?

Things I loved as a Child

I used to run around a lot, and I was always at the park on the swings or on a bike - I don't know why I'm so indoorsy now! 
Spaghetti on toast was my favourite meal ever! 
I was addicted to Redskins, especially the Redskin lollipops!
I still have all my Barbie Dolls, Polly Pockets and Spice Girls memorabilia!
And I recently made chocolate crackles, man they are still amazing!

What did you love as a child?

Things I wanted to be when I "grew up"

 So turns out being a Spice Girl and Married to David Beckham are one in the same! But I would have been Sporty Spice if I could've been!
I never ever did Ballet but I loved watching it and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever! I wished I was a Ballerina.
I also think it's so funny that I wanted to be a Chef, considering I hate cooking with a passion now!
I still think it'd be pretty cool to be an Artist or an Air Hostess. Or even rich for that matter!

What did you want to be when you "grew up"?

Happy weekend xx


  1. Am glad your feeling better...these are super lists :) x

  2. I like the header!

    I liked Marathon candy bars, playing school, and John Travolta (Grease was the hook) when I was s kid. ;)

    I haven't heard of a lot of the biscuits, but the lemon crisps sound delicious.

  3. ha-ha about the married to david beckham and being a spice girl. i love regular oreos and golden oreos. shortbread is heavenly. it's funny you don't like to cook because i consider you quite the baker.

  4. ps. i adore the new header too.


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