Friday, 3 May 2013

Birthday Wish List + 52 Lists

I don't particularly like celebrating my Birthday but I do love me some presents!
I've learnt from past experience that when people ask me what I want for my Birthday my mind simply goes blank so now I just make notes of everything I see that I could possibly need or want! I'm not over the top or anything, I don't think ;)

So, do you like my list? It was actually pretty hard to think of things I want! But I think I did pretty well!
Now onto this weeks list!
Things That Warm my Heart
Ok, this was super easy! Love love loved this list!
Jim Halpert, Christmas and The Beatles were a given!
Even though Babies scare me I absolutely adore little itty bitty baby shoes and clothes eeeee! And to me there's nothing greater in the world than the kindness and good manners of strangers :)
What makes your heart warm?
Have a great weekend lovelies! Xx


  1. Gorgeous list, love those shoes :))) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Kindness warms my heart, my children warm my heart & my husband warms my heart!! And also Art warms my heart :))))) xx

  2. The second pair of shoes looks great?

    What warms my heart? Knowing that I've got the best friends in the world that don't judge me, going to the 1D concert tomorrow haha, children, chocolate, good music with deep lyrics, art, my dog, preparing surprises :D

    xx Jenni

  3. Absolutely love that giraffe ring; so cute! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and playing my spot the differences game! Did you end getting them all? Can't believe it's Friday already - YAY! Hope you have a great day :o)

  4. I'll pray that you get this lovely poster :) You should have an etsy gift card as gift too ;)

  5. The giraffe ring is adorable!


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