Wednesday, 22 May 2013

It's a Jungle out there...

So I mentioned last week that I was an emotional wreck, but let me just say that I am surrounded by some of the most incredible people.. like ever! My spirits have lifted somewhat and it's all thanks to these wonderfully kind souls that I have in my life......  

.....Well I thought my misery had turned into positivity and joy after a wonderful weekend, but alas, I've been sick in bed for the last three days boooooo!  I lost my voice and have been coughing and sneezing up a storm, I can't eat anything and have been shivering my way through they past few days ugh. I feel like I'm going to have some really awesome abs I've been coughing that much! Thank God for FRIENDS re-runs and butter menthols that's all I can say!

On the upside Bestie and I had the cutest weekend, we went to the ZOO!! YES! I have been dying to go for ages and I thought it would be a great way to celebrate my Birthday! It was a the most superb day! We packed a picnic lunch and spent the whole day wandering around. Giraffes are my favourite animal but at this Zoo the way they've got it set up you can't really see the Giraffes unless they mosey on over near you, which sucks! I've been to San Diego Zoo, which was incredible, and I love that the barrier on the Giraffe enclosure isn't very high so you can actually see them! I think the Orangutans were my favourite of the day! They are so intelligent and they love to put on a show! A few came up to the window and there was the cutest baby that was having a marvellous time with a cardboard box and half a coconut! Man, I could've stayed and watched them all day! Here are some pics of the African Savannah and the cute Orangutans! (The Lions have always asleep whenever I've been to any zoo, typical!)


  1. I'm sorry you are sick in bed, but happy that you were able to find a silver lining after last week. It's good to have amazing people in your life!

    Feel better <3

  2. The trip to the zoo looks awesome. I'm sorry you got sick though, boo!

  3. so sorry you're sick Cheriese! :( take care of yourself. those are great zoo photos.


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