Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Because I love saying 'Piñata' ...

Ohhhh my, I'm in a positively horrid mood this morning due to Rafa's (future husband!) first round exit of Wimbledon! Completely gutted and will be moping all day! Anyway...

Sunday was my Dad's Birthday and I attempted a Piñata cake. I'd seen this gorgeous cake on Pinterest and it seemed straightforward enough so I decided I had to try it!  I baked my cakes in a pirex bowl (for the ball effect) and they came out perfectly. I picked out my favourite candy - M&Ms, Skittles and Maltesers - mixed up some food colouring to make a bright orange Piñata colour, scooped out the middle of each cake, emptied my candy in and started to ice them together. Then in typical fashion, as I'd finished and thought it was looking rather perfect, the bottom cake collapsed. Ahhhh nightmare. I was not a happy chap! 

I didn't see how I could fix it so I decided to quickly start again, this time just using a round cake tin. Once the cake had cooled, I cut a circle in the top and salvaged it (so I could place it over the candy), dug out a bit of the middle of the cake to make a hole and placed my candy inside, then placing my salvaged bit of cake back on top, icing it all together and no one was any the wiser! It was a nice surprise when the cake was cut, watching all the candy fall out! I didn't think to take any pictures of the inside, sorry! (And yes, I reused the candy from the first disaster cake!)

Here is the original post - in all it's perfect glory! I wish mine had turned out like this but I'm still happy with my shabby version! 

Also check out these amazing Piñata Cupcakes - OMG! Definitely trying these!


  1. What a fun cake to make. I bet everyone was delighted once they cut into it, to find an even bigger surprise. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, how FUN!!!!! I might have to try!

  3. Cheriese, i've never seen anything like it before! it just shows how much you love your dad to go through so much work. my friend and i just went through my old photo album where i described how one time i spent 5 and half hours on making and frosting my guy's cake. so, i've had baking busts too.


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