Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Puzzle Nerd!

Hi lovely! Just a quick post to share my favourite thing of the week - my 500PC Van Gogh Vase with Twelve Sunflowers puzzle! It took me a total of six hours, such a great feeling to finish something even though its just a little old puzzle! I mentioned ages ago that I was a huge puzzle nerd - I find them so calming! On a recent browse in Games World I spotted the Sunflowers puzzle and knew I had to have it! Did I mention that Van Gogh is my fave artist?! And it only cost $10 ...winning! I'm going to get my Bro to make me a frame for it and I will hang it in the house! 

 "Nothing but big flowers. Next door to your shop, in the restaurant, as you know, there’s such a beautiful decoration of flowers there; I still remember the big sunflower in the window." 
- Vincent Van Gogh to Theo Van Gogh, 21 August 1988

The next puzzle will be Starry Night! Xx


  1. Woah you did a great job! I used to complete puzzles when I was 8.

  2. Puzzles have always been so fun for me . But hard as well . Just love yours ;)
    Noor's Place

  3. Beautiful puzzle!!! I haven't done one in ages, my mom and I used to do them together when I was younger. Nice job!

  4. way to go Cheriese! those big puzzles remind me of my in laws, they have framed their puzzles too. have you ever seen a van gogh in person? some of his paintings are smaller than i thought they were.


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