Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Quick Catch-Ups + Currently

Hiya guys! Just a quick catch up - How are you? I'm swell, thanks for asking ;) I had a super cute weekend - I finally finished cleaning out my room [YAY] I went through all my clothes and have two full garbage bags to donate but there's still not enough room in my wardrobe/drawers - how can that be possible!? To make matters worse it's the end of financial year so all the shops are having stocktake sales and I've been shopping up a storm! So I've basically got rid of clothes only to replace them with new ones - typical! I also took a trip to Ikea - man, I love that store (minus all the screaming kids) I could seriously live there - I got there ten minutes before it opened and it was already mobbed ugh. But I managed to get cute shelves for all my books and my bedroom is looking great, so pleased with it! Anyway, hope you are well dear friend, and as I haven't done one in a while here is my Currently for the week :)

Watching: Oh I am seriously addicted Miranda - no kidding I have watched all three seasons on repeat for the past two weeks! Miranda Hart is so lovely, she always makes me giggle!
Reading: My gorgeous friend gave me a book of Laduree Recipes - it is seriously such a beautiful book, I've been studying it and trying to work up the courage to try out the fancy pastries and desserts! 
Listening: My CD player is currently housing Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - Jerseys Best! I've been playing that non stop whilst cleaning or getting ready to go out etc! Jersey Boys is one of my fave shows and I just got tickets for closing night excited!
Making: I don't know if this is classified as 'making' something but I've just started a 500pc puzzle of Van Gogh's Sunflowers (I love Van Gogh!) I'll do a post about it soon - I'm so in love with it, I'm hoping to finish it today!
Planning: Bro and I are planning a Monopoly night with our cousins! I bought him The Office monopoly for Christmas and we've been dying to get a group together to play - can't wait!
Feeling: So happy and loved after a cute weekend with family - chatting, eating, laughing, playing games - so good! 
Loving: Half price Knitwear  from my favourite store,Ikea, Tennis dates with Bro and warm chocolate pudding on these winter nights! 

What is currently happening in your universe? Xx

P.S HUGE congratulations to Rafa (my love and future husband!) for winning The French Open and making history by becoming the only player to win any grand slam 8 times ! So proud!! #theeyebrow at it's finest!


  1. Ikea! I could so live there as well.


  2. The puzzle qualifies for 'making,' and a Van Gogh puzzle is very cool. :)

  3. ha-ha about your future husband, and your too full closets. yes, the puzzle counts. i bet you definitely can make those pastries. you'll be so in your element, at the jersey boys show. :)


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